Crime Stats By Weapon and State

Shown in these stats collected by the FBI and the DOJ, it shows you are more likely to be a victim of a stolen handgun than an assault rifle. Almost 19 times more likely. Further, you are more likely to be murdered with  “Hands, Feet, Blunt Objects, Knives, etc.” than any type of rifle. Anyone including the news that says assault rifles are the number one cause of murders is blowing smoke up your ass.

Reading the other graph shows that Oregon and Washington fail to provide mental health services to the most vulnerable citizens.

Finally you can see that California, with the strictest gun laws has the highest amount of murders. It is hard to say that there approach of limiting magazine capacity and the type of weapons sold has done anything to lower its #1 spot for firearm related murders.


(States ranked by Mental Health Treatment Availability Notice Oregon at 49, Washington at 41, lower is better)
Stats compiled by the DOJ.

Stats compiled by the DOJ.
Stats compiled by the DOJ.


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