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Had 1 DUI, went thru diversion. Not convicted. Still have to put in IID?
I got my one and only DUI 3 years ago and (luckily!) was offered diversion and of course jumped through all the hoops to abide the law and keep my license. A few months ago I received a letter from Oregon DMV stating I'm required to install a IID for 90 days. I DID get it installed. But in hindsite, could I have fought it since I wasn't convicted??
ORS 813.635(2) now provides: “[T]he requirement to have an ignition interlock device installed in a vehicle...
Can I get an Oregon license w/pending DUI in California?
I have a pending dui in California and moved to Oregon. I have not been to court or had a DMV hearing in California. Can I get a new license in Oregon? Will it be suspended once the DUI goes through in California?
If you are eligible to get a license in Oregon, you can get one. Generally if your license is suspended in a sister...
First offense DUI?
I was recently charged with DUII, reckless driving, and criminal mischief. Basically what happened was I was driving and hit a guard rail, nobody else was involved in the accident. I refused to blow but was still issued a DUII. My biggest concern is if there will be jail time involved
You may be eligible for diversion to get the DUII dismissed. I've had luck in getting the reckless driving and...
How to i get this iid uninstalled?
Ive had this in for the 90 days, going on 3 weeks longer than it needs to be as a matter of fact. The company will not/has not sent over the report to DMV or the courts. As i undersnd it, they're job is to monitor and report. Not be the judge. I keep getting the run around, oh the dept that sends over the reports have left for the day, we'll send over a request that u want it sent. 3 WEEKS now. Around and around i go
IID is required for the entire year of DUII Diversion unless a judge lets you off of it at the 6-month mark. "90-days"...
How long do i legally have to have a IID in Oregon?
I got a DUI well over a year ago. Went though diversion. Im not on parole. I recieved a letter from DMV explaining i had to have a IID in my vehicle for 90 days. It didnt specify anything else. Now im being told by DMV, now that my 90 days is almost up, it has to be 90 days with no violations. There might be 2 fails within the last month from drinking the night before and not getting enough sleep. What now?? I drive this vehicle for work and im due for a newer vehicle at the end of this 90 days (2 weeks.)
DMV is the keeper of driving privileges. It sounds like you already know why they want another 90 days. You will have...
I’m in a dui diversion program and the instructor says etg can be tested for up to 10 days, Is that scientifically possible?
I haven’t drank anything but I think 10 days is a long time and most websites state 80 hrs. Are the websites saying that to get people in trouble and it’s really 10 days? Or is the treatment program just saying that? In my program I call on a Monday and if it’s my color I have until Friday at 8pm to take the test. That is about 80 hrs after Monday morning and it seems like that is a long period of time for people to wait to take the test.
Yes, enzymatic tests can detect alcohol use long afterward. The subtext of your question suggests you're planning on...
Does submitting an Ignition Interlock Exemption for a DUI when reinstating your license cause a medical hold on my license?
I recently sent paperwork up to Oregon to have my license reinstated after a DUI.I'm currently an Arizona resident. I submitted a medical IID exemption form signed off by my doctor. I received notice today stating they could not honor the exemption at this time because it did not state a medical condition. It does state ADHD, probably could have been more descriptive. I called the DMV to follow up. They stated there was a medical hold on the processing of my application, and new forms would be sent to me that my Doc would need to review and sign off on. Does any Medical IID exemption request cause a medical hold? Is this standard? None the less I'll go right back to doc and be more thorough through the documents and resubmit them. If I do end up receiving an interlock am I eligible to apply to vacate the IID after 6 months? Please let me know your thoughts on this when you have an opportunity.
Unfortunately your post has been misclassified as medical malpractice. Consult a DUI attorney for further clarity. Best...