Terms and Conditions:

  1. We are not a mug shot website. We don’t charge to remove pictures.

  2. All of our information comes from public records, and not a private source.

  3. We only charge a small fee to cover time in removing cases that have been dismissed.

  4. We will not remove convictions. We can’t, no one can.

  5. Requests can take 30 days to process depending on backlog of requests and the nature of the records we will need to remove from our systems.

  6. You are not entitled to a refund unless we were unable to remove your record from our site and you provided all the paperwork we requested.

  7. You will need a copy of the dismissal and or a letter from the court clerks office stating that the charges / case was disposed of.

  8. Attempting to remove legitimate records will be denied and you are not eligible for any refunds.

  9. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold public jail and all of its agents, owners, users, harmless from and against any loss or liability relating or resulting from any information contained on this site or any email correspondence in regards to this site and its transactions. You agree to pay for all legal fees regardless of outcome for all parties involved in any lawsuit.

  10. This site is governed by the State of Washington, Clark County.

  11. All suites brought against this site, its agents, owners or users, regardless of outcome will be at your complete expense.

  12. You agree that the maximum monetary damage is $15.00 in any case in any state, in any country.

By viewing this site you agree to all terms and conditions laid out.

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