UPDATED – If any information listed is non-conviction related (charges dropped) we will remove it upon request. This sometimes occurs if the states system has not been updated to reflect these changes when we pull the records.

We value your feedback. We have no interest in posting inaccurate records on our site.

A few rules to the process:

  • 1. Give accurate information on this form or your request will be ignored. We need to verify each request to make sure we are fair.
  • 2. If your record has been expunged or vacated by the court, please email a copy of the order to us, and we will remove all related records from our system.
  • 3. We pull in data from several public record sources, so make sure you  have taken care of your legal issues with the court before contacting us.
  • 4. We do charge for records to be removed. $20.00 per record to help cover the time it takes for removal. We are not a mugshot site. We only disclose publicly available information and pictures.
  • 5. Do not threaten our site. We will not tolerate this, and you will be prosecuted.

* Any request that is fraudulent or in error will not be refunded. If we fail to remove your record with in 30 days at our fault, we will refund the fee.

  • Once removed from appearing on the internet, the record is only available through the original database that is linked to the arrest, typically this is the sheriff’s office.

Once we have a request, we will send an invoice for the records to be removed.

Price change as of July 15th, 2018 to keep up with demand.

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