Boycot the NFL

Some time ago my kids looked up to the NFL and other sports teams because they sang the national anthem. It was important to these athletes at the Olympics and other international sports competitions to here their anthem over all others.

This is true pride for one’s country.

Then come along overpaid (NFL), almost felons, and in some cases felons that decide to change the meaning of it to their own, and disrespect all those who have fought before them. All the whites, blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans that have fought in all the wars in the past are being treated like their sacrifices didn’t matter.

My father died protecting this country, and the flag the covered his casket was flown to the 4 corners of the state by the military in a sign of respect for all that he did for the civilians and military families at our air national guard base,

He didn’t seek fame, or by any means fortune, he sought to make this place just a little better than yesterday.


My interracial and black friends agree that the flag should be respected at all cost by all those who enjoy the benefits of the constitution.  They agree that if you want to own a car, home, etc, then you need to respect the flag of those who fought before us and gave us this land.

We support the boycott and termination of any pro-sports player that wants to disrespect our flag. Secondly, my father was a police officer for 28 years before his death in the line of duty. Not once did he ever fire his gun at a suspect.

Freedom of speech doesn’t save those ass holes from themselves. Stand with your men in blue, and your service members and boycott the NFL and the NBA.